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Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Nature Within


There’s a balance of forces within us. Often we see these forces as against one another, at the other ends of the Earth from each other. However, in the truth of it all, they complement each other. 

These two forces are our masculine and feminine nature. Oftentimes people that I work with see these aspects of themselves as separate and likely identify with one more than the other. For me, growing up I identified far more with my masculine side as a self-proclaimed tomboy. I so much rather be climbing trees and digging in the dirt than playing with dolls and Barbies. It was a fierce identification, especially once my menstrual cycle began. 

I was in so much pain that I cursed being a girl. I told my mom almost daily how much I wanted to be a boy. How much I hated my experience of being a girl. To my demise I had no way out. I relinquished myself to that once a month I had to face the reality of being feminine where my soul really felt more masculine.

I came to find out on my spiritual journey of healing my body after 3 coccyx fractures as a kid and 2 knee surgeries in my 20‘s, that the feminine would end up being my best friend, my Solace, my true nature in balance with the comforts of my masculine. 

All of my physical pain was predominantly on the left side of my body. It made no sense to me as a kid or even as a growing adult. Yet, when I began learning about Shamanism and energetic healing I was shocked to learn that the left side of the body more correlates to that of the feminine and the right side of the body more correlates to that of the masculine. 

Holy s***! What? 

This whole time it was right there in front of me. Of course I had no interest in paying attention. I mean come on, every time I thought of my pelvis I hated it. It only brought on pain, despair, anger, and resentment. When I found my way to the specialty of pelvic health in PT school, I learned that a lot, if not all, of my pain stemmed from my pelvis. Around this time I also began learning more about the chakras and their representations to aspects of life. 

The root chakra (at the base of the spine i.e. the coccyx) relates to safety, security, being firmly “rooted’ on the earth, in the body. Well duh! Seems so obvious! Lol. Of course that was not the case for me. I didn’t feel safe. I didn’t want to be in my body. I was not firmly rooted on the Earth.

Moving up to the sacral chakra, which represents creativity, power, and creation itself. Makes sense to me as the uterus ( the pro-creative center) is right there in the middle of that energy center.

I was learning these chakras are regions of the body that are energy centers. Energy is either moving easily within each of these centers or not. It’s more of a scale or spectrum of how much energy may be moving through or not. For me, it felt like nothing was moving. It felt like concrete bricks lodged inside me preventing any movement, any free flow of energy. It allowed me to notice where there was movement though. As it was a stark difference. 

The areas that had movement felt more like water or air. Whereas the stuck spaces felt like Earth but solidified Earth. Which thankfully ended up being my medicine to heal this pain and contraction. I began learning how energy channels from our pelvis connect into our hips, legs, knees and feet.  And that energy can move up through those channels or down those channels. 

In experimenting, I began to realize that I could legitimately have an actual energetic connection of electricity to Mother Earth. 

So, I began to imagine that I could connect into the Earth. You know that meditation where you imagine roots forming beautifully down into the Earth? Yeah it wasn’t happening for me. It felt like a brick wall I was up against. But when I began to imagine water or flowing energy moving up from the earth, from the surface under my feet, THEN I began to notice something. It was subtle, it was noticeable but certainly different. Certainly more easeful than trying to sink roots in. So, amongst the manual therapy I was receiving, I regularly began to tap into this experience, the sensation of Earth feeding me. Earth giving to me gracefully and easily. I would take my shoes off and stand in the grass. I would feel the grains of sand up against my feet, the warmth. Then allow whatever energy could make its way through my feet to my legs. I am not going to sugarcoat it for you, when I began it was really simply a tingle sensation, of a bit more “aliveness” in my feet. But as I spent more time in nature, connecting in whenever I could, there seemed to be a shift. An allowing. It was though I was now allowing the Earth’s energy to move into me.

There’s a realization that I had at one point in my healing journey.

That my ability to receive felt more feminine and my ability to act and to give energy was more masculine.

And the balance of these two for me was quite imbalanced. So, to bring it to balance I had to spend more time, energy and intention on receiving. Well, what I realized was that I wasn’t receiving in a lot of areas in my life. I had been such a high achiever and performer in life, due to my mom’s desires for my success in school, that I may not even really know how to receive. 

What I noticed early on in my clinical practice, was that a lot of people, especially women, don’t really know how to receive. It’s all about giving. It’s all about performing, caring, and taking care of others and the outside world.

Then it hit me. It’s the world we live in. So much of the message we receive in the modern world is how to get ahead. What you need to be doing to be successful, to survive. I doubted there was even a dialogue about receiving. About finding some balance in the two. As I began to begin supporting my patients in the healing journey in their bodies it was an undeniable force that is being awakened in all of us. 

It’s time for us to receive. It’s time for us to tap into the ultimate Mother, Mother Earth. It’s time to stop, listen, feel, smell, taste and reintegrate back in with her. 

Performance and production will always be there, but if you don’t intentionally choose to create a balance of these two forces in your life, I imagine you’ll continue to struggle. You’ll continue to be stuck, wondering when someone will come and rescue you. When the magical thing, person or lottery will save you from the rat race.

You really do have to want this for yourself. No one is going to come around and boop you on the head and say wake up! There’s more to life!

 oh wait? That’s me right now! lol.


Wake up friend!

There is more to life! There is far more to your existence than the drudgery of work, the drudgery of physical pain, the drudgery of ” it’s just the way things are” NO! It’s not the way things really are. It’s simply what you have been led to believe.

Now is your opportunity to question it. Question what you want from your life, your health, your well-being. It all begins with questioning. For if you don’t ask a different question, or question at all, you will never get a different answer.

It’s as if someone told you there are only green apples in the world. When you clearly see there are red apples, yellow apples, multicolored apples. Gala apples anyone?  

So, why can’t we ask ourselves…Why do I choose to believe what others tell me when clearly I see or sense something different?

Sure, the apple metaphor is a bit obvious and simplified but you’d be surprised how many people take someone else’s word for it in so many aspects of their life.

For me, doctors and PTs were telling me the only help there was for me was pain meds, more surgeries and just not doing the things that brought on my pain. The world became so small, so limiting, so defeating. There was something inside of me, a gentle voice that said, “That doesn’t feel right to me. There has to be another way.”

Any path that is laid out for you by others is likely not serving you unless you choose the path.

You decide.. I don’t like that path. I had no freaking clue where the “other” path would take me but was damn sure I was not going to willingly follow a path that seemed bleak and limited. And nor do you need to.

I invite you to decide right now for yourself, in your heart of hearts; 

Do you love your path?


Would you love to explore a different path? The unknown path?

Here’s the thing that I share with all of my patients: This path, this unknown path is actually a bit more of a challenging path. Of course, it’s “easier” to take pain meds! It’s “easier” to let a doctor tell you how to live your life and what’s best for you. But what if? 

See questions 😉

What if, there was a doctor who chose the harder path, prevailed and stands before you today as a living, breathing example that this path is indeed worth it. Because I can tell you friends, emphatically.. This path is SO worth it.

Not only do I not suffer from the same intense pain in my body and the despair of my soul. I am now thriving. I am now living, moving, exploring, hiking to incredible places. I am not avoiding life. I am living life. Fuller and Fuller each and every day. I am committed to this path.

I am committed to being your tour guide on this path.

The question is, will you join me?

Will you join Mother Earth?

Will you choose to find balance in the Natural Forces within you? 

Embracing the feminine and the masculine?

Could you? 

What will it take for you to wake up to it now? 

How much more has to happen for you to finally decide, enough is enough, damn it?!

I’m taking my life back.

I don’t know how but I am deciding enough is enough.

I am enough.

Simply being here, alive is enough for me to warrant a change sooner rather than later.

Now is the time.




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