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What is Spiritual Healing?

Wow! This subject gets a lot of publicity these days, doesn’t it? It can be a bit confusing, huh? So many mixed messages, so many ideas, so many different types of people stepping forward showing up in their own unique ways.

Personally I found so many of them to be off-putting, a bit fake, if I’m being honest. It’s a funny thing when you’re seeking spiritual guidance and your spirit doesn’t resonate or vibe with the spiritual guide. Lol, funky huh?

So, yeah, coming from a medicine and science background so many of my patients have asked me:

 “How do you balance the spiritual woo-woo stuff with the science? You seem to grasp both so well.” 

Truthfully, it’s not the easiest task. It has taken lots of hard lessons, arguments, strain on friendships and humility on my part to realize I can’t be dogmatic in any viewpoint or side really. That as soon as I am two medical or two spiritual it’s off-putting, polarizing.

There’s this word…Balance. 

It seems we’re all seeking and searching for balance.

What does balance mean to you?

What is your current perception of balance?

I personally had an idea that balance was the best of both worlds. This idea that to be balanced I had to know all the science and all the spirit stuff. How the F*** is that actually attainable? How can I be real and human with that pressure on myself? 

It seems that there is this perception in spiritual healing that you’re not supposed to do that. You’re supposed to be pure. You’re supposed to be the example of the “right way”. That’s exhausting!! And truthfully it’s isolating! It’s off-putting to most folks. 

Because most of us are imperfect!! 

Most of us say f*** once or twice if not out loud,  inside our minds!

In my craniosacral therapy training one of my beloved instructors shared that cursing is called limbic language. Which really means that our limbic system, the emotional center of the brain, is activated. And yes they are! That’s real!! That’s part of reality!! More on that in another blog 😉

So, why are we pretending? 

Why are we diluting ourselves to think that on the spiritual healing path we have to pretend to be pure and noble? 

Perceptions! I tell you!

It’s all in the perceptions we have, the perceptions we believe that others have, and it’s exhausting.

It’s exhausting managing myself to what others might perceive about me. It’s exhausting managing myself to believe I must be pure all the time to be spiritual.

So, that’s where I personally have found balance. I found and continue to find balance in leaning into purity when I need to lean into purity, and leaning into grit when I need to lean into grit. That’s me being real.

And believe it or not, both can exist! And honestly,  I’m more approachable to others because of it. So many people tell me that I have this beautiful blend of spirituality and realness. They love how “down to earth” I am with them. YES! because here’s the thing, spirituality has to be real, in my opinion. If not, it’s “other worldly”, “ungrounded” or “unapproachable” for most. So, yeah that’s my truth.

What’s it for you? 

Where are you at on your path?

Is it time for you to go to otherworldly because you’re you’ve been in the trenches of s*** so long? or is it time to get real and bring the “other world” back down to Earth?

How can you blend the two worlds for yourself?

Because here’s what I have learned, what freaking sense does it make to go out into the cosmos to gain wisdom, enlightenment and insight and never bring it back down to earth? Never use it. It’s useless!

Truly, there are so many ways to receive insights. Guided meditations, gurus, mushroom journeys, ayahuasca journeys, shamanic sessions, hypnosis ,trances etc., but what does it all mean if it’s not balanced with current reality?

Or on the flip side, what hope can there be if you’re simply stuck in the s*** of your current reality and never look outward beyond your current scenario for insights?

So, yeah I believe that is what makes spiritual healing so tough to nail down, so tough to make sense of. It really is a Moving Target. 

Spiritual Healing is SO individual. 

You and I do not have the same journey, the same story, the same tenancies, the same dreams, the same fears.

They may be similar but I bet you don’t agree with everything I’m even saying in this blog and that’s awesome!

What a bland boring dull world this would be if we were all the same or pretending to be the same. Yuck! 

It’s like the idea of cloning…weird!!? who’s who? which one is real? which one has the real heart? the real soul of the person? how could we even tell? I’m not sure, really.

What I do know is that I have a unique expression.

You have a unique expression.

Therefore we likely have a unique expression of our balance point.

AND that balance point can change! My balance point last year, last week, last month even has evolved tremendously. Six years ago I had to swing deep into the spiritual realm in my healing. I was so depressed, depleted and defeated I needed to balance my current reality and experience peace and joy. Learn about truth and the purity of love that the universe had for me. So it was journeys, craniosacral therapy, lots of silent retreats, meditations, etc. 

Now, my balance point is far more about bringing that very wisdom, experience, and love down to earth to share with you. To share stories, to share sorrows, to share my soul. I’m learning to be far more rooted in the physical plane and be here now. Sure, yes I still meditate. I still explore and go into other realms every day but even that is a moving target given any specific day.

Some days I need hours of yoga, meditation, breathwork, writing, journaling and music. Other days I need to be active in my body, feel the earth under my feet, feel the sun on my skin, the sweat dripping down my pits, down my body. It’s all a balance. 

This is why I’m going to say that spiritual healing truly is learning to live life guided intuitively. 

To learn how to check in with yourself every day, at any moment to know, what do you need right now? What would serve your highest and best in this moment? Do you need to eat, to ground and stabilize your body? Do you need to fast to lighten the body? 

Do you need breathwork to calm and stabilize your nervous system? Do you need breathwork and meditation to calm the mind? Do you need to learn about breathwork? Or even how to calm your nervous system? Do you need support? Do you need to be by yourself? Do you need silence?

Without checking in and asking these questions I bet you’re acting out of habit. I bet you’re repeating the same old s*** different day. And aren’t you sick of it? Aren’t you sick of the same old rigmarole? The same sense of what your life is about.

I bet most of you are and if you’re not ,then great!!! Celebrate! You know what is true for you right now.

I genuinely am not here to sell you on the spiritual path because I’ll be damned to dilute the sanctity of the spiritual path. 

Spiritual Healing is not a sales call, it’s a soul call!

You come to Spiritual Healing when you’re ready. When you’re ready to heed the call. When you’re ready to transcend the despair and pain of cyclical patterns of habits, thoughts, beliefs and perceptions of yourself, others and the world.

AND whenever you’re ready I am here for you. AND if I’m not the person you’re called to, then that person will be there for you. Because the most beautiful, magical part about the spiritual healing journey is that when you’re ready, the exact person, thing, place, knowledge etc., will be right there in front of you.

Like a gift, a precious gift sent from the heavens with your name on it.

Only thing left to do is unwrap it. Pull the Strings of that beautiful bow and unwrap your gift, friend!



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