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I'm Devin!

I'M A Doctor of Physical Therapy

I help suffering souls find solace in themselves again.
I help the weak and weary become warriors of their well-being.
I empower people to step back into their wholeness and work from there.

A New Approach to Wellness

All too often we approach our well-being in pieces. Mental issues go here, physical issues go here. Emotional stuff? Push that down. Spiritual stuff? Hmm, I don’t know about all that. Let’s put that here or float out to space.

Well, what if what you really need is a complete dynamic shift? A shift of perspective to wholeness. What if we approached your health from wholeness? What if we assumed you are actually whole and someplace inside of you knew how to come back into a state of wholeness?

What if I told you the longer you stay in the parts and pieces dynamic, the longer you’ll feel like you are parts and pieces? 

This dynamic WILL keep you in the world of having to pick up the pieces. It will lead you to believe that you must put yourself together everyday and fumble along.

Well, I don’t want that for you! I don’t want to see any more people tormented by the dialogue that there is something to fix.

You don’t need to be fixed! The system needs to be fixed. The methodology that we, as Healthcare Providers, use for the people we help needs to be fixed. 

YOU are whole. You are not broken. But believe me, I know what it feels like. I too felt broken. I felt bruised, tattered, torn in full disrepair, having no clue how to pick up the pieces and start again. It was really tempting to give up and give in to the system to take care of me.

Puzzle pieces signifying a new approach to wellness that includes spiritual physical mental and emotional

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My Story

I am a Physical Therapist by trade and a Healer at heart. My personal life story has been one that could have made me lose all hope. All hope in life, all hope in myself and all hope of the possibility of life getting any better.

When I was a kid, I broke my tailbone 3 times. As a result, as I grew up I had horrible pelvic pain, unexplained urinary leakage, constipation, pain with my bowel movements and pain with intercourse. I was told by my gynecologist that everything was fine and I was “normal”, as my pap smear test came back “normal”. This didn’t feel normal to me. I didn’t feel ok, well or even close to what I believed was a state to live life in, to function.

Over time I began to develop increasingly more back pain and knee pain. When I was 18, I had my first knee surgery then the following year a surgery on my other knee. I was better in some sense but worse off in many. The only thing that remotely helped me at the time was strength training. It felt like I had to hold my body together with my muscles in order to function. This led me to get my undergraduate degree in Exercise Science. 

The only options provided to me by modern medicine health care providers were more surgeries and pain medication. That did not feel right for me, so I carried on strength training.

Then, to add to it all, when I was 23 years old, my mom was murdered.

Yes, my mom was wretchedly murdered!
I know, it’s a shock. It was for me.

After that, my health challenges not only encompassed my physical body but my spirit! My emotions, my sense of any connection to life and wellbeing was shot! I had no sense of myself or purpose, not to mention my health and wellness.
I was depressed, numb, tormented and tattered. I truly am not even sure how I managed to wake up and eat anything, not to mention work and be present with anyone.
I was a walking zombie. I was already living with chronic pain. Now this!?
After working with a psychologist to process the trauma of the experience. It helped immensely with the mental aspects of the trauma but would only find out later, not the physical.
I HATED being in my body!
Nevertheless, with the help of therapy I did end up finding the gumption to prepare, apply and ultimately attend grad school for my Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Duke University. It was an intense program. Throwing me back into a state of depression and despair in the first semester.
I kept having these pretty intense conversations with God. Why would you take such a loving devoted person!? Why did I deserve this!? Why was this my life!? Why did this have to happen to me!? What is this all about? What’s the point?

I lost all faith, all hope, all connection to anything remotely loving or giving.

I was over it. I was over existing. I was over trying to find a way for life to be worth living. No one could see the pain and despair I lived with. Everyone is just walking around, business as usual, while I’m over here questioning my very existence!
This was torture! I legitimately could not think of a single solution. I could not see a way out except one, ending my pain and suffering. As much as I didn’t want the pain of dying, I also didn’t want the pain of living like this. Sitting there on the bathroom floor I was really ready to do it. I had given up.

Right at that moment, I heard the voice. The loudest, most distinct voice of my life, screaming “NO!”
“NO! That’s not the way your story ends!”
Whoa!? WTF!? Where did that come from? Who said that!?
Not knowing, not caring. I talked back. “What!?
”“NO! Don’t do it! That’s not the way your story ends! Your story must be shared with others! Your story means too much to end here. You must hold on! You must!”
“Why!? Why does it have to be me!?”
“Because you can. Because your story is meant to be shared with the world, to help others heal, hold on to hope, to see the truth.”
“Well okay…. but if I’m going to do this, then I don’t want to live a half-assed life! I don’t want to go through the motions. I want to live!!!! 

I want to go all in!!"

I wasn’t sure how but I did commit to it.

I was ultimately able to work with a psychologist on campus. In that psychologist’s office, I saw a flyer for a mindfulness and meditation workshop. So, I went. It was my first intro into and awareness of how my body was holding the trauma and pain. It was my first intro into spiritual healing. I was hooked.

I chugged along in PT school still in pain but making what progress I could given the rigors of the program. I kept exploring the spiritual side of things while studying. Then I learned about pelvic health and pelvic rehab.

Before going to PT school I had no clue that there was a specialty of pelvic health. Low and behold all of my issues with my pelvis, back, knees and legs stemmed from my childhood tailbone fractures.

The specialty treatments of pelvic health helped me about 60-70% of the way. Yet, I was still not fully well. 

There was a distinct spiritual emotional tie in to my physical pain.

Thankfully, after PT school I found out about visceral manipulation which is where I learned how we stuff our emotions that are unprocessed into our organs. Also, how traumatic injuries can also be transmitted into the organs. THIS was when things started to really unfold, for the better. I then also began training in craniosacral therapy and meditation.
Before this, I would have to crawl to the toilet when I had a bowel movement coming as the twisting pain in my intestines pulled me to the floor. After visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy and energy healing I found that I was having less and less pain with bowel movements, less leakage and less pain overall.
I became determined to learn all I could to help others. I knew there were tons of people out there just like me, suffering in silence, being told everything was fine or being fed pain meds. When, maybe just maybe, they didn’t need to. I did say All in. So, All in it is.
So, for the past 8 years in my clinical practice I have learned and learned. I have helped countless people

in chronic pain get better, find hope again and be well. And most importantly, become empowered in themselves and their health journey.

I now combine my personal life experience with my clinical skills of Osteopathic manual therapy including visceral manipulation, neural manipulation, vascular mobilization and advanced craniosacral therapy as well as my skills in medical intuition, shamanism, energy and alternative medicine, ancestral or lineage healing to support others psychosomatic healing.
And now it is your time. Time for you to find your way back to your self healing power. Find your way back to health and vibrancy, to help yourself heal the wounds of your mind, body and soul. To see and know that you too can get better.

There is ALWAYS hope.

You simply may need someone on your team to help you connect to it again. That’s what I’m here for. I’m here to help you find your way back home to your self healing power and abilities 

to live your life, all in.

And so it began...

That day sitting on the bathroom floor was the first day of the rest of my life.

If you’re anything like me, you’re pissed-off at the help and quality of support available to you. You are at your wits end with the B.S. advice healthcare providers give you, and you have explored the spirit realm some. You WISH the two could talk and come together.

I did too. I wished that there was a way to have humanity in healthcare, wisdom of ailments, and “realness” in the spiritual journey.

It’s not your fault

The system is set up that way. To create divide. To create a sense of these two worlds being totally separate from each other. One being more valuable, more rational than the other. One being the righteous path. One being the better of the two.

I help you overcome this divide, this separation by combining Science AND Spirit again to lead you back to your wholeness.

Science and Spirit were never meant to be separate. You were never meant to be separate. You are not parts. You are not broken.

I approach every individual I have the pleasure of working with from a lens of wholeness. In that lens of wholeness the whole being inside of you, your inner wisdom recognizes that I am different.

Your internal voice recognizes that this person is truly here to help me, to empower me. Not to heal me, not to fix me, not to make me sign up for endless treatment packages, promising something they can’t actually deliver on. This person is here to honor that I may actually know more than I have ever been led to believe or allowed myself to be open to.

I help you overcome these ingrained limiting beliefs.

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