A retreat needs to be more than a vacation

Retreats with me will renew you

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Psychosomatic Pain

What does your chronic pain, ailments, or trauma have to teach you?

Does this sound like you?

You don’t know anyone who is offering a healing retreat that is based in spirit and science to balance the many healing needs you have. And you are scared to take the leap to travel to a new, far away place.

You just don’t believe that there is value in attending a retreat other than having a lovely vacation

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You wish...

You wish you could wave a magic wand and find a healing retreat that is led by someone you can feel safe with, backed by science, and integrated with spiritual emotional healing. Where you could just show up and be taken care of, be led through a journey of not only self-discovery, but self-healing and renewal.

You would love to step away from your reality and return renewed and refreshed in your mind, body, and spirit.

You desire a memorable, magical experience to 

awaken and restore you.

Just imagine...

Imagine that you found the retreat you’ve been dreaming of and opened yourself up to attending it.

What would it feel like to be organically drawn to it? What will it feel like when you step away from your stress and day-to-day routine to dive deep within for the ultimate revitalizing and renewal of your true self, your true heart?

How will it feel when you no longer have to search for retreats that aren’t too woo woo, that overpromise and underdeliver? 
Imagine what your days will be like when you wake up in a stunning retreat center in a spiritual haven of land, immersed in nature. Knowing that healthy and tasty, nutrient-dense food and renewing body care was on the agenda for the day. When you can attend individual and group practices that will impact you on a cellular level.
What will be possible for you with an intentional retreat created by a doctor who values your well-being.

That’s exactly why I created my emotional healing retreats.

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When you attend one of my retreats you will get:

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We start with intentions

The first thing we will begin with is setting clear intentions for ourselves individually and as a group. Without intentions we are left to the whim of chance.

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We connect into the synergy of the group and the location of the retreat

"You’re not here alone. If you were, you would have your own planet.”
I love this quote! It took a while for me to appreciate the need and value of being on retreat with others and connecting. We take special care to use the energy of the land we are on and the innate energy of each person in attendance to get the most out of the retreat.

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We learn and rest into the experience

Although, I will have an outline for the retreat. It really is a living, breathing organism that will grow and evolve as we go through each day. That’s the coolest part!
We will not have an itinerary that is stringent, jam-packed and exhausting. There will be space for you to be by yourself, integrate, assimilate, take walks, sleep, etc. There will also be ample group time, ample hands-on body care time with me and other retreat healers, and ample time to simply be at the retreat center. It is such a shame to travel to these beautiful locations and never really be able to experience them fully because you’re so busy with activities!

Retreats that make an impact

how you will feel after attending my retreats


You’re frazzled, drained, exhausted and annoyed with where you are at in your health and emotions.
You fear that you can sustain the feeling you will have on retreat and bring it into your “real life”.
You doubt the value of retreats and are unsure it is worth the investment.
You feel bloated, foggy, fatigued and plagued with anxiety. You are not sure how to help yourself, how to hit the reset button and feel better.


You’re renewed, refreshed, reset and re-committed to your own heart, your well being and health..
You’re clear on your next steps in your life to bring what you gained on retreat into your life.
You have concrete skills and practices you not only learned on retreat but experienced that you can keep with you after retreat and for the rest of your life.
You are deeply grateful that you invested in working on your emotional, physical and spiritual well being and have no regrets..
You sense that a new life has begun for you. You are restored and joyful.

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Hi, I am Dr. Devin DeGreif.

I used to doubt the need and efficacy of retreats. Yes, I was a skeptic.

I totally judged them to be a scam, really. I saw leaders of retreats as really cheesy “pie in the sky” type people who were ungrounded and woo woo.

Until I actually attended some pretty fabulous retreats led by women I trusted and already knew were doing really great work. I knew they would bring great care and intention in building their retreat. I surely didn’t want to attend something just because it was in nice place and expect that to be good enough. If you know me long enough, you will know I do not sit well with the mentality of “good enough”. Not that I am perfectionist, but I can say I do have high standards.

In that, I know that it takes a good investment in time, energy, will and commitment to attend a retreat so it must be stellar, it must be created with love and care. I will do just that. You will receive the support you seek. I put my heart into my work with my one-on-one clients, group courses and most definitely my retreats..

Still not sure if my retreats are for you?

You might be thinking…

Have you attended one yet? Have you attended the right one that feels resonate and most aligned with your heart and soul?

A few years I ago believed that retreats weren’t my thing either. I saw them as cheesy, woo woo, and honestly a hoax and attempt for retreat leaders to make money. Yes, I was a skeptic too.

Then I ended up attending a very intentional retreat in a very special location in the world and after that, I got it and I changed my mind. It’s not about simply attending retreats, it is about attending intentional retreats that indeed do feel true for you. Going on any ol’ retreat is no guarantee for a meaningful experience. At that point its just an expensive vacation.

I am not here to be a tour guide for your vacation. I am here to be a guide for your transformation and renewal. I intentionally choose each aspect of my retreats for a whole, meaningful life changing, or I can say, life affirming experience.

Ok yeah, as an introvert I so get this! I didn’t like group work for many many years. Then as I began doing my inner work I began to learn that if I kept my work only on the inside it was quite limiting.

Being in groups allows you to see and experience that you are not alone. Other people struggle with very similar things that you likely do. And other people also likely have stories and wisdom from their life experience that will benefit you. The synergy of being in a group truly does bring our experience of retreats to a whole new level. Also, be assured that anyone attending my retreats is aligned with my vibe, vision and intentions. I connect with each person wanting to attend to ensure it is a good fit for them.

The investment of time and money will provide you with compounding interest, I promise you. Compounding interest in your life itself and your ability to produce more within your life.

Look, when you feel down and in a low vibe state you likely are not making the most money you could make, or traveling the way you would love to travel.

So, why not be more efficient? Being able to have time off wrapped into a lovely package for your well being, knowing the experience is curated with care and intention is such a gift. The times I have gone on retreat and trusted the investment I was making, were genuinely life changing experiences I would never take back and would invest in again and again.


General Q's I get most often about my retreats

This depends on the timeframe of each retreat. However, most of my retreats are fully immersive experiences in exotic locations so they will be around 10 days so you get the most out of your travels!

YES! Real time during retreat and online prior to retreat.

You will be required to provide a non-refundable deposit as I must secure your accommodations. Past that, the only refunds given are for extenuating circumstances such as death and illness. I strongly encourage you to meet with me if you have trepidation so you’re ensured this is what you want to do for yourself.

No. My retreats are for clearing away the lethargy, fatigue and detoxing your body in a loving and gentle means. There will be no cocktail hours to slow down that process. Yes, I know the word detox can be a bit scary but this is not an intense detox program type retreat. It really is about learning how to lovingly, easefully care for your body, mind and soul. If you’re looking for a vacation to drink by the pool, this is not for you.

Ready to take the next step?

 If attending my next retreat is the right move for you…

Join my next retreat in Bali, December 2023!

There are limited spots available due to lodging accommodations, so if you want in, schedule now!

If you’re still on the fence, just send me an email at hello@drdevindegreif.com and let me know what’s holding you back. We can have a chat to answer your questions, as it may not be a good fit and my retreats truly aren’t for just anyone.

That being said, if your heart is calling out yes, I urge you to listen!

I can’t wait to share these fabulous retreats with you!

In Love,

Dr. Devin

Upcoming Retreats

Bali beach with rocks and foliage

WOW: Wisdom of Woman

February 24-March 4, 2024

Includes Leap Day!

The “Wisdom of Woman” retreat is a nurturing, empowering and heart enlivening experience of growth and somatic healing. Expect to receive world class hands on care and nurturing leading you to be re-born of your true self over these 10 days.

Commune with the sacred feminine as we dive deep into the wisdom womanhood has to share, ultimately transforming yourself to be aligned with your truth and resting in your heart, as the woman you are.

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