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Understand the healing power of your own vibration

january 2, 2024!
5pm pst/ 12pm syd/ 1am uk

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Psychosomatic Pain

What does your chronic pain, ailments, or trauma have to teach you?

How Returning to Resonance helps you heal...

Imagine that you have a more grounded and firm grasp on the concept of resonance, vibration and frequency.

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You will know what resonance is, what is has to do with your physical health, and what could be getting in the way of your positive vibration.

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You will gain clarity around vibration and frequency and how they apply to your energy.

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You will be able to use your resonance, the vibrations and frequencies in and around you, for your benefit!

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You will be empowered to see yourself and your world through a new lens.

Returning to Resonance may be for you if....

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What is resonance, really?

You have no idea what resonance is, really and you get annoyed when you hear people say “If it resonates with you”.

You want to learn....

That’s exactly why I created my Return to Resonance Webinar!

To help you understand and use your resonance to your advantage without confusion or “airy fairy” concepts and ideas.

Ready to get started?

When you join my Webinar...

You will get first hand experience with both scientific and spiritual knowledge of why resonance is the foundation of your existence, transforming your beliefs and limited perspectives on how you can work with energy, not against it.
You will also be able to see who I am, how I work, and get my clinical expertise for free!

After my webinar, you will...

You will learn...

practical skills and tools for your day-to-day life.

Learn the why

Learn why it behooves you to learn about and care about resonance.

From a scientific point of view.

Learn the How

Learn how to use vibration and frequency, and both science and spirit to your benefit.

Learn the when & where

Learn when and where to tune in and use the instrument of you; your mind, body and soul.

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Most frequent questions and answers

2 days: 90 minutes per day 

You lost nothing! It’s free!

Yes, there will be a Q&A during the live webinar.

Recordings will be available.

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Who it's for...

The webinar is perfect for...

You may not be a good fit if...

Ready to get started?

At this point I’ve given you all the information I have to help you decide if my free Return to Resonance webinar is the right for you.

There are just a few times a year I offer this free webinar, so if you want in, join now!

If you’re still on the fence, jump over! It’s free! NO risk.

I can’t wait to see you there and share this awesomeness with you!

In love,

Dr. Devin

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Hi, I am Dr. Devin DeGreif.

I am a Physical Therapist by trade and a Healer at heart. My personal life story has been one that could have made me lose all hope.  All hope in life, all hope in myself, and all hope of the possibility of health. I began as a patient, just like you. I was in mental, physical, and emotional pain constantly, and looking for answers. I felt alone and not one medical provider had solutions, other than more surgery and medication. Deep inside I knew there just had to be another way. I became determined to learn all I could to help others. I knew there were tons of people out there just like me, suffering in silence, being told it was all in their head, or worse, being prescribed pain meds.

So I went on a journey to get the education to treat myself and now I have the joy of sharing healing with you!

For the past 8 years in my clinical practice I have helped countless people in chronic physical and emotional pain get better, find hope again, and be well in their body, mind, and soul. And most importantly, become empowered in their own self-healing power.

There is ALWAYS hope. You simply may need someone on your team to guide you in finding your inner power again. That’s what I’m here for, to help you find your way back home to yourself.

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Understand the healing power of your vibration